Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
About us

The wedding is one of the most important and memorable day in ones life. In the Sri Lankan culture having a wedding in ceremonious and traditional manner is considered as one of the most vital aspect to a happy life. With the life’s getting complicated and when it runs fast organizing a wedding on correct flow without undergoing stress is tedious at the moment. We at SriWeddings has created an opportunity for those who want to arrange a wedding without going under extra pressure. We have gathered all the service providers under a one web space which you can go through their profile and select the best.

Why you need to be with

You must have seen and heard many sites which provide the similar service we offer but you will definitely see a change in our site with respect to the other sites. If you are someone who looks for service you will find well arranged and categorized list of service providers where you can navigate quickly and select. Not only selection we provide the exact location using the maps. Also our attractive layout and reasonable packages to advertise make the sriweddings your eminent choice.

The Next Generation Wedding Directory

We at Sriweddings have not just created a wedding directory, it is a next generation web directory which beats all the other existing directories. Most of the other directories, let the visitor to find the ideal service provider for them by taking the users precious time to traverse through the pages, but we use our advanced searching facility and provide the visitor what he really wishes for. Searching function has been added with intelligence to make the hunt for best services easier than never before. Advertising in a next generation web directory will certainly give you the competitive business advantage rather than advertising on an ordinary directory.

Distinct Advantages

  • Your money which has spent on the advertisement will always be valued though irrespective of the sequence which the advert is placed due to the easy searching facilities and filters available for the seekers

  • We offer you to track your own progress and popularity. We give you the statistics of the number of views your advert has been browsed

  • Do you still believe, the address is the best way to show your location to the customers? We believe it isn’t. So will allow you to pin point your exact location using our integrated map service where customers can easily approach you

  • Let your clients to communicate with you in different methods, today the communication via Internet is popular so millions of people use social networking and VOIP services. We know the value of new era of communication and we offer you to use Facebook, Skype and all other Instant Messaging Service IDs to be put in to good use

  • Easy web printing facility will allow the clients of your to take print out of your advert very easily without printing the unwanted areas

  • Our Facebook integrated comment system will allow the visitors to recommend you to the others who are looking for a wedding service provider

  • We own the Sri Lanka's first and only wedding forum.

  • We offer you a faster and easy way of taking your products and service information to the clients with the LOWEST price on the Internet in Sri Lankan Context